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Better Man

M. 35"  Sdlg # A70-32  S. white with a light yellowing at the midrib; F. copper brown, light tan rim and darker at the shoulders; B. apricot; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance; two branches and spur, 7-9 bud per stock. Good show stock for shows. A different amoena look.  Oh Carol X Blyth Q101-A (Ginger Ice X Palace Symphony) $50.00 or 3 for $110.00 Offspring M.  35"  Sdlg #B 71-2. S. white with a pronounced yellow rim and base; F. chrome yellow base with ruby red lines ending solid at the ends of the pedal, strong yellow coloring at the shoulders;  B. nasturtium orange; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance; two way branching with 7 plus buds. striking in the garden. Expect Wonders X Wild Angel $50.00 or 3 for $110.00

So Far So Good

E-M 35" Sdlg #A12-4. Unusual color combination. S. campanula violet; F. magenta rose, slight violet line extending from beard;  B. nasturtium orange; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance, 7 plus buds on multiple branching, you need to see it.  Oh Carol x Lady Leigh $50.00 or 3 for $110.00
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Tell Your Children

E-M 35" Sdlg # A58-33 S. white; F. aster violet center, large lobelia blue rim and shoulders; B. mandarin red; slight sweet fragrance, ruffled with 7 plus buds on multiple branching, excellent show stocks. One Way Ticket X K06-34C (Keppel) ((Blyth 077)( Hold My Hand x Brave Face) X Royal Order)) $50.00 or 3 for $110.00 Working Class Hero E-M 33" Sdlg #B30-1 .  S. attic rose, apricot over large part of the lower half of the petal; F. magenta rose, with apricot shoulders  B. nasturtium orange;  ruffled,  slight sweet fragrance, good bud count and branching.  Tiff  X Candy Colours $50.00 or 3 for $110.00 Behind Blue Eyes

E-M 11" Sdlg # CM 52-1. S. light yellow base with violet purple

plicata marking throughout with darker violet purple edge; F.

white base with imperial purple plicata marking throughout,

more intense coloring at edge of the petal;

B. aster violet; ruffled,  pronounced sweet fragrance; 3 bud's and a branch. 2918-2 ((( round Trip X M2310-2R ((bowl of Charries X M2034 ((Chanted x M96-12 (Ragle sdlg. X Pinki Paws))) X Let's Get Small $20.00

Standard Dwarf Bearded

Tall Bearded

2018 Introductions

E-M 11" Sdlg # DM-36 S. Wistaria blue; F. citron green base with sea lavender violet markings in the middle of the falls; B. orange tipped violet;  ruffled,  pronounced sweet fragrance; 3 bud's and a branch. Sorry about the picture, not a good one. BM1-2 (Little Wings X Little Flirt X Little  Wings

Tiny House