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Addicted To Love

M-L 34" Sdlg #2769-1. Pink self with lots of ruffles and lightly laced. Not just another pink but a addition to this class. Azalea pink standers and shell pink falls with jasper red beards; pronounced sweet fragrance; two branches and spur, 7-9 bud per stock. Good show for that mid season delight.  Guardian Angel X That's Hot $50.00 or 3 for $110.00 Barbara Jean Lauer E-M-RE 32’ Sdlg #A07-9R. S. white, slight yellow marking on midrib; F. amethyst violet lightening to plum purple at the end of the pedal, brown shoulders with white lines extending over the falls; B. tangerine orange; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance; two way branching with 7 plus buds. We've had summer and fall blooms each year. Named for my late sister who I missed dearly.    Oh Carol X Carry On $50.00 or 3 for $110.00

Blinded By The Light

E-M 32" Sdlg #A33-32. It will blind you when to see it. S. nasturtium orange; F. tangerine orange; B. mandarin red; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance, 7 plus buds on multiple branching; it is really orange, you need to see it.  Honeycomb X Shivaree $50.00 or 3 for $110.00
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Gimme Some Lovin’

E-M 38" Sdlg#A51-2 S. amethyst violet; F. aster violet with 1/4" spectrum violet rim, amethyst violet marking at the half; B. maize yellow; slight sweet fragrance, ruffled with 7 plus buds on multiple branching, excellent show stocks, amazing color combination. Decadence X Head Games $50.00 or 3 for $110.00 Good Idea E-M 32" Sdlg #A02-1r. I've been passionate about amoena's  for a long time so here is my first "red" amoena. S. white, light yellow at the midrib; F. oxblood red, light violet cast upon opening, light brownish shoulders; B. orange; lightly ruffled,  slight sweet fragrance, good bud count and branching and with rebloom in its parentage it has shown to be a good parent. It will through up a fall bloom now and then. Carry On X Bud To Blossom $50.00 or 3 for $110.00

Little Wings

  LITTLE WINGS E-M 12" Sdlg # M2708-1. S. white slight yellow at the midrib; F. amber yellow, lighter at edge; B. yellow in the throat ending in violet; lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance; 3 bud and a branch. Not many yellow amoena on the market. Minor League X 422-1 (Fresh Baked X Magnetic Storm) $20.00

Standard Dwarf Bearded

Tall Bearded

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